Ultra 4 NZ Round 1 - Maxxis Rumble on the Ridge presented by Force4

Congratulations Zoe and Richard for taking 1st in Round 1!

Ultra 4 New Zealand Round 1 Maxxis Rumble on the Ridge was an epic day! Big props to the racers and their trucks for getting them ready on time and showing up despite the low numbers.

The day started off shaky for Zoe and Richard with the bump stop jamming up their steering on the qualifying round.

Fortunately, it was a quick fix that the team sorted before the start of Heat 1. 

For us media crew, we got to enjoy a bit of wind and rain - we managed to fit in some exercise chasing after the trucks and finding the right angles. Most of our footage is now in one location so we can start editing up a video.

It was an awesome result and an amazing day!

Big props to Caleb and his Ultra 4 team for making this happen - and you can count on us to be there at Round 2!