Xtreme Gravel Gear - Extra Wide Aluminium Fender Flares To Suit Jeep Wrangler JK



The XGG extra wide fender flares are made from light weight aluminum and double up as body armor so now you can protect your JK from being dinged and bashed whilst parked up at the mall or on that beaten track, these flares can also be used as steps so no more worrying about old mate leaning on your flares and breaking them off.


The XGG front aluminum flares are 280mm wide and come standard with an amber LED indicator whilst the rear flares are 158mm wide allowing you to run that really cool looking offsets up to -35 without worrying about your wheels protruding outside of your fender flares.


The XGG front and rear fender flare Kit come standard powder coated black and include inner brace kits giving the XXG flares that extra strength and  and strength protecting your Jeeps outer tub from deforming and from those hard hits whilst out on the trail.

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