Safari 4x4 Engineering

Safari V-Spec Snorkel to suit Nissan D23 Navara (NP300) MY21 Facelift model


Nissan D23 Navara (NP300) MY21 Facelift model 2.3Ltr Intercooled Twin Turbo (YS23DDTT Engine)

Built: Nissan Motor Co. Thailand

Note: Wide body vehicles only


The Safari Snorkel is the ultimate protection against water, dust and snow ingress. The Safari Snorkel delivers cool, clean air to your vehicles engine.

Utilising Safari‘s traditional design concepts and incorporating the very latest in scanning and CAD design software, Safari‘s V-SPEC Snorkels are ready to perform in the most extreme environments.

Fully designed and manufactured in Australia, tested and verified on a custom flow bench to ensure the airflow meets or exceeds the factory inlet design. The Safari Snorkel offers the best air intake protection and performance for todays 4wd vehicles.

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