EFS Elite 50mm Lift Kit to suit Toyota Surf 130 (KZN130)



This is a suspension lift kit to jack up your Toyota Surf 130 by 2 inches (50MM) keeping it within the legal limit.

Designed for harsh conditions and rugged terrains without compromising comfort. Powered by EFS suspension, this is one of the best kits you can get for on and off-roading.


  • Pair of front EFS Elite shocks (Part No. 36-5538)
  • Pair of front EFS Torsion Bars (Part No. TB-1646A)
  • Pair of rear EFS Elite shocks (Part No. 36-5566)
  • Pair of rear EFS Coils (Part No. THX-101*)
  • 3 year / 100,000 km warranty

About the shocks

EFS is built with high quality internal & external components combined together to give you excellent performance and longevity.

EFS shock absorbers are vehicle & height specific with valving developed to suit each vehicle. “Not a one shock suits all approach”

  • 51mm – 60mm External Tube – Greater oil capacity to keep the valve at a lower operating temperature
  • Low Pressure Nitrogen Gas – Prevent the oil from cavitating (foaming)
  • Long Travel Design – Maximises wheel articulation
  • 35mm Piston, Twin Tube Construction – Increased control of the spring during rebound and compression cycles
  • 16mm Quality Hardened Chromed Piston Rod Longer service life, and greater lateral strength
  • 1.5mm Outer & Inner Wall Thickness Greater durability and strength
  • Dynamic Motion Control Valve – Adjusts to different road & off road conditions
  • Vehicle and height specific valving – Specifically designed and developed to suit each vehicle
  • High quality internal and external components – Prevents fade under harsh conditions and includes long life polyurethane bushes

About the coils

EFS have a broad range of coil springs to accommodate your vehicle’s needs from standard height to 125mm.

Coil springs for towing, load bearing, comfort, increased ride height and competition.

All EFS Coil Springs are:

  • Shot Peened – To stress relieve the outer surface of the Coil, so the Coil can operate under higher fatigue & repeated load conditions to ensure longevity.
  • Scragged for Quality Control – This is a process where the Coil is compressed beyond its yield point; this compression will set-up residual stresses and increase the elastic limit of the spring.
  • Powder Coated – To resist corrosion & to protect the spring steel from minor damage.
  • 602i2Mn Steel – High quality spring steel with high carbon content and durable elastic properties.

Linear rate and progressive rate coils are available.


The EFS Torsion Bar will provide you with increased handling & response from your vehicle & compensate for extra loads.

The EFS Torsion Bar is increased in strength by 25% to 30% over the standard O.E Bar. Just as Coil Springs & Leaf Springs fatigue & sag so do Torsion Bars.

  • Pre-stressed – To ensure longevity & durability
  • Increased in Spring rate – To compensate for load bearing accessories
  • Made from High Carbon Alloy Steel (XK-5160)
  • Bars Feature – Machined Splines, Bar Peeled & Rolled to ensure strength & reliability
  • Note: The ends of all EFS Torsion Bars are painted with a colour code, when fitting these Bars the following applies: Green to front of vehicle, Blue to left & Red to right.

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