NZ Offroader can offer all the fabrication / custom work for your truck. We have restructured our fabrication team and you now deal with the NZ Offroader Crew directly. 

Just to mention few of the services and products we can offer:

  • Stainless steel snorkels - including twin snorkel setups
  • Titanium snorkels 
  • ECU remaps - check your gains here
  • Air boxes (stainless or alloy)
  • Custom Stainless, Mild Steel and Titanium Exhausts 
  • Custom intercooler setups 
  • Custom bar work:
    • bull bars
    • rock sliders / side steps
    • rear bars
    • brush bars
    • winch brackets
  • Body lifts

Contact the team at NZ Offroader call 0800 633 763 to get a quote.

Financing options available.