Toyota Prado 90 Series Tourer Build

What's up guys!

So after working at NZ Offroader for almost 9 months I've finally bought myself a 4x4! I found a 1999 Toyota Prado 90 series 3.0 Diesel and I have big plans in store for this truck. She has 390k on the clock but runs like new.

Over the coming posts I'll be showing you all the upgrades and custom fabrication that will be going on this truck.

Here's the plan:

  • 2" Lift Kit
  • Bigger tyres
  • Steel rims
  • Bonnet entry stainless steel snorkel
  • Custom cylinder airbox
  • Front mount intercooler
  • Transcooler
  • Custom front bull bar (Built off an ADR compliant winch bracket)
  • Rear bar
  • Rock sliders
  • Lighting
  • Rooftop Tent

That's a long list of upgrades! Through this build I hope to show you just what the fabrication department can do and perhaps offer some inspiration for your truck!

It's started already! I've chosen the rims and tyres that will be going on the truck: Dynamic steel rims wrapped in Atlas Paraller 285/75/16 rubber! Hopefully they fit! I'm sure with the lift and a bit of creative cutting we can squeeze them under the arches. If not, I'll have to try another size tire.

Dynamic Steelies

Will they fit???

Hopefully after this level 4 lockdown is over, I can finally fit and test these big tyres. Looking forward to posting more updates in the near future!

Stay safe everyone!


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