Important changes you should know about regarding NZO Fab

We wanted to update our community and provide clarity regarding changes to NZO Fab / NZO Fabrication  - NZ Offroader is no longer continuing with this name/brand and NZO Fab has been dissolved as of the 1st of May 2021.

NZ Offroader has restructured our fabrication team, and all fabrication will be done directly through NZ Offroader going forward - no other parties involved. This new team is managed by Richard and Stewart, the owners of NZ Offroader. This will provide a clear channel of communication for customers and ensure the quality of work and customer service is up to the NZ Offroader standard Richard and Stewart have worked hard towards.

It has come to our attention that several customers have been mislead by other businesses appropriating the brand and name. If you come across NZO Fab or NZ Offroader look alike and want to confirm your dealing with the right team, please contact us - Information below! NZO Fabrication Ltd is also no longer operating and you should not be receiving any invoices from this name!

All fabrication custom work is still available and is available through the NZ Offroader team located at 5/54 Keeling Road, Henderson, Auckland - Feel free to enquire through the following official channels:

It is easy to ensure you are talking to the NZ Offroader team, these are a few tips:

Our phone number is 0800 633 763 if you ever have any doubts, call us and we are happy to clarify any queries.

Our domains that we use are and (no others currently) - emailing is a great way to communicate to the team and you can ensure that by using the domain that you are talking to the correct team.

Our Facebook Page is another channel that only our team manages and has access to.

Our one and only location, at the moment, is Suite 5, 54 Keeling Road, Henderson, Auckland is a great place to come see our workshop and chat to the NZ Offroader team in person.

So please ensure that you know who you are dealing with, and if you are ever in doubt we encourage you to contact us!